Past Integrative Medicine Conferences

Byron Integrative Health is proud to be have been the convenor of the past five Byron International Integrative Medicine Conferences.

Read highlights of past conferences

5th Byron Integrative Medicine Conference
What Works
(5- 6 November, 2010)
with keynote speakers Dr Azita Moradi, Ms. Rachel Arthur, Professor Mark Cohen, Dr Lesley Braun, Dr Jennifer Hunter and Sue Evans.

Read Dr Jennifer Hunter's comprehensive article Establishing an integrative practice (pdf 364kb), detailing the requirements for establishing and running a successful integrative medicine clinic. (JCM, Nov/Dec 2008 pp.22-26, 67)

Read Integrative Mental Health (pdf 896kb) by Dr Jennifer Hunter & Dr Wai Mun Tang (Psychiatrist). Details the integrative mental health approach in regards to the assessment and diagnostic processes, different treatment approaches, the IMH team involved and the issues surrounding the patient centered model of care. (JCM, Sept/Oct 2009, pp.20-26)

View how tailored treatment has been found to be more effective than a generalized approach in this IBS Case Study (pdf 736kb) by Dr Anthony Solomon & Gareth Vanderhope (Naturopath )

Discussing the benefits and advantages of better coordination between general practitioners (GPs) and naturopaths in the prevention and treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).(JCM, Nov/Dec 2009 pp.34-38)

Read Dr Sue Evan's articles on Herbal Medicine and IM, including PhD thesis "Challenge, tension and possibility: an exploration into contemporary western herbal medicine in Australia"

Mental health & Nutrition

Read Courtney Van de Weyer's comprehensive overview of the major nutritional therapies for many mental health issues, "Changing Diets, Changing Minds: how food affects mental well-being and behaviour" (pdf 848kb) 2005
Read Malcom Peet's article, International variations in the outcome of schizophrenia and the prevalence of depression in relation to national dietary practices: an ecological analysis (pdf 104kb) from the British Journal of Psychiatry 2004

An exploration of the association between dietary intake and the incidence of depression and schizophrenia.

4th Byron Integrative Medicine Conference
focusing on Addiction and Freedom
(11-12 April, 2008)
with keynote speakers Professor Mark Cohen, Dr Paul McGeown, Dr Adam Winstock, Henry Osiecki and Tenzin Chonyi.

Read Henry Osiecki's presentation "Drug detox, withdrawl and neural repair - A Literature review"

This document of 160 pages has been divided into pdfs of smaller sections and zipped for your convenience

Section 1 Intro and Pathways of Addiction (pdf 1.3mb)

Section 2 Genetic influences + impulsive/compulsive actions (pdf 1.8mb)

Section 3 Effects of common drugs and the effects of withdrawl (pdf 968kb)

Section 4 Nutritional support (pdf 540kb)

Section 5 Nicotine, Alcohol, Marijuana and opiates (pdf 1.2mb)

Section 6 Neurotransmitter support, summary and conclusions (pdf 588kb)

Section 7 Extra papers for discussion (pdf 1.5mb)

3rd Byron Integrative Medicine Conference
Integrative Approaches to Depression and Happiness
(13 July, 2007)
with keynote speakers Dr Russel Vickers and Professor Mark Cohen.

Read Professor Sydney-Smith's case presentation Depression in a working mother

Please visit ABC Radio National for a session podcast of the "Happiness and it Causes conference" recently held in Sydney

Read a brief article from the Byron Shire Echo on the Depression and Happiness conference written by Sally Mathrick (pdf 592kb)

Read an article "Happiness and its causes" from the Byron Shire Echo by Sally Mathrick (pdf 684kb)

2nd Byron Integrative Medicine Conference
Clinical approaches to pain management
(30 March, 2007)
with keynote speakers Dr Russel Vickers and Prof Marc Cohen, and a panel of experts in the field.

Download Dr Russell Vickers presentation on the Integrative treatment of pain (pdf 428kb)

Read the AIMA pain conference overview

Read the GP speak magazine article on the Pain Management Conference

1st Byron Integrative Medicine Conference
Integrative Medicine
(30 June, 2006)

Read the GP Speak magazine article on the 2006 Byron Integrative Medical Conference

Read the GP Speak magazine round-up of the first Byron Integrative Medical Conference

DVD of 2008 Conference

2008 conference DVD

Featuring interviews with the 5 keynote speakers from the 4th Byron Integrative Medical Conference - Approaches to Addiction and Freedom, 11-12 April 2008

To order this DVD phone 02 6685 8666

Next Conference

The topic for next conference of 2012 is Integrative Approaches to Mother and Child with Keynote Speaker - Professor Kerryn Phelps

For more information on the 6th Byron Integrative Medicine conference being held July 13th and 14th 2012, please return to our latest conference page

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